A Whole New World

The first general-purposed agent-based computing platform, welcomes you to a whole new world of computing.

The Knowledge Request-Broker Architecture (KnoRBA) is an R&D software architecture project that fundamentally changes what "computer program" means. Rather than a sequence of instructions, a collection of functions, or a set of objects, a KnoRBA program is a decentralized logical network of autonomous agents that can run on the same or different physical nodes. KnoRBA ensures location and implementation transparency, i.e. it is platform- and language-independent.

KnoRBA is a platform for Internet-of-Things, Hight-Performance Computing, and everything in between. We hope to exploit applications of this technology in a wide range of areas like sensor networks, smart homes, automotive, avionics, computer peripherals and super computing.

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Most recent releases of KnoRBA C++ Library and KnoRBA Agent Runtime Environment are available to public as open source software through github. Legacy Java library is available trhough Project Kenai.


See the Download page for instructions.